Building The Future Of Social To Compete With Tech Giants Does Not Happen Overnight, But It Does Happen. The Empowerment Algorithm Is Inevitable, And This Movement Will Bring It To Light

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Q4 2021

Interviewed top creators with over 300 million collective following in interviews to prove idea / understand paint points of social media today.

Idea Formulated

Deep Blog Writings Published On To Attract Like-Minded Individuals

Recruited Piyush Jha  | Former CTO Cryptocurrency Exchange [2017-2021] to team.


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Q1 2022

Recruited Tarak Maniar Killer Lead Of UI/UX Design

Started MVP Web-App Development To Build Video Processing Pipelines + Microservices To Allow Scaleable Backend

Complete User Interface and User Experience

Release Holypaper To Set Long Term Vision


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Q2 2022

Brought On Michael Dadzie As Lead IOS / Android Developer

Launched Web-App [Testing Traction Methods For Advertising To Create Financial Models]


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Q3 2022

Finalized Scalable Backend Infastructure


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Q4 2022

Personal support agents for creator Onboarding

Begin Swissmote Development [Long Term Internal Efficiency Software]

Develop In-App Video Sorting System


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Q1 2023

Build Content Team For App Virality

Backend Video  NSFW Automatic Processing + Admin Credentials Added For Removal Of Bad Vibe Videos

Begin Crypto Wallet Development

Launched Holy Vible App IOS + Android MVP Displaying Unique Value Proposition


Q2 2023

Begin VideoLinks Development [Improved Version Of LinkTree Including Video + Links

Launch New Website

Launch Holy Vible V2 App Update With All Feedback + Algo + Apple Sign On

App.HolyVible.Com Vibe Contest Web App Development

Partnership Formed With NFT Website Development


Q3 2023

Begin No Code Social Platform Builder Release allowing anyone to create decentralized communities accessed through Vibleverse platform

Embedded Crypto Wallet Into Holy Vible App

Allow Viewers To Earn Tokens Via Watching and Creators To Earn Via Engagement

Ensure As Much As Humanity Has The Right Perspectives For When We Reach The Singularity Point

Print Holy Vible Pamphlets To Spread The Vibes @Events

Print Holy Vible Long Form Hard Copy Book To Spread The Vibes At The Deepest Level

List CMC & Coin Gecko

Q4 2023

Allow Minting of Videos as NFT

Ensure As Much As Humanity Has The Right Perspectives For When We Reach The Singularity Point

Release Holy Vible Merch Line Within The App

Add NFT Marketplace

Release Vibleverse (Decentralized Social Experience App)

Launch The Vibe Bus Podcast Journey

Launch Holy Vibles NFT Line

Q1 2024

Release The Vibe Documentary

Release @Jesusify Automated Twitter/Threads Ai Generated Art Bot

Launch Youtube Channel Of Vibe Army (A Warehouse Of 100 Employees Using Twitter / Tiktok To Spread The Vibes Digitally Together)

Launch Vibe Society's Worldwide, Physical Groups Of Top V's Choosing To Live Together

Finalize The Modern Baptism Routine To Give People A Spiritual Experience Without Drugs

Q2 2024

Release Psychedelic Pacakaging With QR Code To Vibe Indoctrination Documentary

Holy Vible Sign + Megaphone Preacher Running With A Shorts/Reelz/Tiktok channel At Every American University

Q3 2024

Launch Vibe University Where We Expand Our Ecosystem And Memetic World Order Vision

Add Holy Meme Section To App Where A Search For The Greatest Image Takes Place

Q4 2024

Launch The First Holy Vible Church With Sober Deep EDM running 7 days a week. A place for great vibes.

Spread conspiracy theory that vible was created by illuminati to replace the global financial ecosystem.

Q1 2025

Launch The $Vible UBI, Allowing Artists And Creatives To Benefit Off Living A Path Of High Vibes

Launch The Big Secret